A New Alphabet For Humanity

A New Alphabet For Humanity

The Brand

I've always believed that our thoughts have the power to shape our lives.  
After having my son, I started to imagine how different the world would be if children were taught words like compassion, empathy and diversity from an early age.

I got inspired to create a new list of alphabet words to teach my son the values and qualities we all desire to live by - kindness, compassion, empathy, self-love, gratitude, respect for people and the earth. 

From there, an idea was create A New Alphabet for Humanity!

The book 'A New Alphabet for Humanity' is now used globally by a growing number of families, schools and early learning centers as a simple way to teach children how to connect with their hearts and become the best version of themselves. 

The Challenge

The Challenge

Before working with Laurence Marketing, like a lot of E-Commerce brands, An Alphabet For Humanity had a bad experience with multiple previous agencies. The knock on effect of one bad agency after another left the business looking like a shadow of its former self. 

Results from paid ads dropped which had an impact on all other areas of revenue generating activities, then iOS showed up and the ad account took a further drop in performance.

By working with Laurence Marketing, they were able to turn things around and start making progress towards 'the good old days' of higher sales, higher return on ad spend and an overall healthier business.

The message we received from Leesa shortly after we started working together says it all...

“Laurence, I can’t thank you and Andy enough.. you’ve magically fixed the account and got it working again in the space of 2 days!!!!!! I can’t thank you enough! I am hopeful and excited to see how far we can scale it! I am kicking myself and wishing we would have started sooner!”

Leesa McGregor - An Alphabet For Humanity


The Results

In just the first 30 days we've increased return on ad spend by 21% while increasing ad spend by over 150% on Facebook alone. In the near future we'll be adding more platforms and implementing LTV increasing campaigns.

148% increase in revenue 

1000+ new customers in first 30 days

2.27X ROAS

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