The Brand

Born out of time spent in Desolation Wilderness, a remote treasure in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Deso designs for those who get #wayoutthere. 

Intended to seamlessly blend lives in the city with time around the campfire, we've set our sights on function-driven style. With meticulous attention to detail, it is our goal to create truly unique garments.

The fabrics in our collections employ a subtle array of technical properties, ranging from water resistance or sun protection to antimicrobial elements to block the funk. They quietly convey the stories of time spent in the outdoors and the workshop. We've chosen them because they'll function while you're out there.

We get it. Manufacturing stateside is comparatively expensive. But in our time, we've learned that there's much more to a garment than the final price tag and if that's the lens you take, that's fine, but we're chasing a different dream.

Our Approach

Before working with Laurence Marketing, the team at Deso Supply were managing their campaigns themselves, wearing multiple hats as all business owners do.

When we started, we restructured their entire accounts, focused on creating new ad copy and identifying their best performing creatives. Due to the nature of the brand, we knew audience selection was the key to campaign success, so we went through rapid testing to find winning audiences.

That enabled us to introduce new products into the campaigns and scale budgets effectively.

Here's what Jordan has to say about Laurence Marketing...

"Laurence Marketing has proven to be very reliable in that they are always timely in their response to our updates and requests. They have built out robust ad
campaigns that have proven to be effective and scalable."

Jordan Basile - Deso Supply


The Results

Since working together store revenue has increased by over 100% with platform profitability increasing also. We're looking forward to continuing to scale the campaigns and grow the brand.

111% increase in revenue since working together

1000+ new customers

 9.65X Blended ROAS

 1 happy client

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Want The Same Results?

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