The Brand

If you are at all involved or interested in makeup or fashion, then you already know exactly who Scott Barnes is and how he has single-handedly changed the face of the makeup industry. And if you are someone who uses makeup either every day or only occasionally, chances are you've already been influenced by the brushstrokes of Scott Barnes, even if you're only realizing it now.

Scott Barnes's makeup brand is made from international ingredients from around the world, and lovingly made in glass bottles, safe both for your face, and for the earth.

By the time he was ready to create his own brand, in 2004, his work had graced every cover from VOGUE to Vanity Fair. He had worked with every best photographer in the world, from Annie Liebovitz to Francesco Scavullo, and worked his artistry on every iconic face from Beyonce to Julianne Moore. Barnes now has three decades of knowing exactly what works, and has perfected his own palettes on JLo during their two decades and counting, duet.

Our Approach

When we started working with the Scott Barnes team, we had to restructure and organise their ad platforms which resulted in an instant increase in results.

We've focused the majority of ad spend on Facebook as that has proven to be the most effective platform for long term growth. Smaller platforms are producing fantastic results on a smaller scale which we'll continue to exploit over time.

Scott Barnes is a fast moving, extremely fun client to work with and we can't wait to continue to help them grow and reach new audiences.

Here's what Jack, head of operations has said about Laurence Marketing...

“Since working with Laurence Marketing they have surpassed the targets initially set and continue to grow. They’re nimble; adjusting to our needs and targets; able to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Laurence Marketing are valued and considered a member of the Scott Barnes Cosmetics team (family). Any business not willing to give Laurence Marketing the opportunity has "got a screw loose"!”

Jack Cummins - Scott Barnes Cosmetics


The Results

Since working with Scott Barnes we've seen store revenue increase by nearly 100% with an increase in ad spend by only 20%. We're looking forward to continue scaling and growing the brand.

 90% increase in revenue since working together

 3800+ new customers

 5.86X Blended ROAS

 1 happy client

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